Science and Sweetness Make Up Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Founder Robyn Sue Fisher is an ice cream lover, but didn’t really love the way some ice cream was made with “unpronounceable ingredients” (preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers). With new technology, Robyn thought “shouldn’t we be able to make ice cream closer to, rather than farther away from, the cow?” She made it her mission to make “new, old-fashioned ice cream.”

It took Robyn several years, with the help of brilliant engineers, and her life’s savings, but out came “Brrr™,” her ice cream invention which perfects the process of using liquid nitrogen to churn exceptionally small ice crystals to create the smoothest, densest and most flavorful ice cream. Brrr™ makes Robyn’s Smitten Ice Cream from scratch, to order in just 90 seconds. One minute, it’s organic milk and cream, sugar, honey and nectarines (just delivered from a local farm) and the next minute, it’s the smoothest, tastiest honey nectarine ice cream you can imagine.

In the fall of 2009, Robyn bungee-corded  Brrr™ atop a Radio Flyer wagon and began selling made-to-order ice cream on the streets of San Francisco with the help of pastry chef Robyn Lenzi. (Yes, they are both named Robyn). Brrr™developed such a strong following that Robyn went on to open the first Smitten Ice Cream shop in the  Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco in April of 2011.

Robyn creates unique daily flavors like salted caramel, brown sugar with cinnamon shortbread, and meyer lemon gingersnap. To learn more about Robyn and Smitten Ice Cream, visit