Everyday CoverGirl

In Queen Latifah’s autobiography, she describes the joy of her first CoverGirl photo shoot, “I wish every girl could have a moment like that.” And on today’s show she turned that wish into a dream for Deborah and Kelli, a mother and daughter from Houston, Texas. Queen Latifah received a letter from Krystina who wanted to do something very special for her sister and mother.

The mother and daughter duo thought they here for a star-studded “Hollywood Tour,” but were surprised when Queen Latifah’s Glam Squad – Sam Fine, Tim Snell and Iasia Merriweather – whisked backstage of the show for a head-to-toe makeover featuring CoverGirl Cosmetics.

At the end of the show, Deborah and Kelli were brought back onstage for the big reveal. Sister Krystina was stunned by their glamourous new looks, but the real surprise came when Dad, who was thought to be back home walked onstage all smiles.

Thanks to CoverGirl and the Glam Squad, Deborah and Kelli looked like “easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirls!”