Jeanette Jenkins Week 6 Workout Schedule

All six weeks of the challenge will be accessible on The Hollywood Trainer Blog so you can always start the challenge at any time! The “SexyABsCardioSculpt 5-Pack” are the workouts we used for the challenge and they will also be 50% off for all 5 DVD’s (CardioKickBoxing, PowerYoga, Bikini Bootcamp, SexyAbs & SexyAbsCardioSculpt) so it’s never too late to start the challenge!

Jeanette Jenkins Workout Schedule Week 6

Healthy Living is a way of life and the purpose of the challenge was to give you nutrition/fitness tips, exercise techniques, recipes and motivation.  If you learned one new thing about healthy living then this journey was a success!

As you continue to measure your success make sure you don’t measure your success on the scale alone. Measure your body fat percentage, inches (girth measurements around your waist, hips, thighs, arms, chest) blood pressure, cholesterol levels and Fitness levels (cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance & flexibility). It’s important to be a healthy weight but your healthy living success is much more than just that number on the scale.

Never stop learning and always remember that Healthy Living is a choice you make every day and it can be accomplished at any budget.

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About Jeanette Jenkins
Jeanette Jenkins founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer is the author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan: 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit and creator of the highly successful Bikini Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland part of her internationally successful Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection, created to inspire and motivate men and women to live a healthy life.